Mrs Hughes is on a mission to create the ultimate amenity service. And this is a game changer for the rules of in-home commerce!
As a family-running company, we are seeking partnerships and support other family-running businesses. Family means together. Together we create stability. The stability means a quality. The quality is luxury. We believe luxury is a matter of attitude, individual approach and gratitude to every our client.

Join us and be part of the new!

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We partner with

Service partners

From home cleaners to event decorators, during the time we established partnerships with a variety of top-in-category service providers.

We have the trust they supply the quality results and meet the requirements of Mrs Hughes to execute our customers needs.

Local business partners

Mrs Hughes acquires and delivers a wide choice of goods on behalf of our customers. In every neighbourhood we operate, we examine and encourage local economic growth by partnering with nearby merchants and businesses – food shops, butcher, dry cleaners, etc.

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