We live in the era of technologies, robotics and social media reality. But homes always will be our most personal physical spaces! 

Without a question in-home commerce require a human role with a soul and a sense of calm and cosiness. And the key to customers homes is Trust, a high level of trust!

Here come Mrs. Hughes and The Hughes!

The Hughes
Trusted Sidekick

The Hughes are extra pair of hands, ears and eyes at your home, when you are doing something else or living your life as you want. With them all your errands are done without actually doing them yourself. 

Dedicated Hardworker

Driven by high values, empathy and honesty, The Hughes never stop learning and improving their skills and knowledge, aiming an ultimate amenity for you. 

The Heroes behind the Superheroes

Having a Hughes Home PA helps you to get back the time and energy you need to be the best possible version of yourself, proving everyday people can be everyday superheroes!

Join the team and become a Hughes Home PA

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laptop on a table, decorated with vases and box; minimalistic